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酒在快活谷 Wines in the Valley

酒在快活谷 Wines in the Valley 主題 Theme: 賽馬娛樂及美酒品嚐 Horse Racing & Wine tasting 在跑馬地馬場觀賞夜馬是城中最受歡迎的娛樂活動,一面觀賽,一面與好友淺斟低酌更是賞心樂事!一連三個星期三晚跑馬地馬場將會酒香瀰漫,來自法國、意大利、阿根廷及智利、澳洲及紐西蘭的美酒薈萃快活谷,讓各位品嚐佳釀的同時,盡情體驗Happy Wednesday別具特色的派對歡愉。 The Happy Wednesday race nights will see Happy Valley Racecourse reborn as a wine lover’s paradise overflowing with top global tipples in the next 3 weeks! So come along and enjoy some vintage on-track thrills plus the opportunity to uncork [...]

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