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HKU SPACE Wine Team won the 2019 Left Bank Bordeaux Cup

HKU SPACE Wine Team won the 2019 Left Bank Bordeaux Cup at Château Lafite Rothschild on 14 June. This is the first time a wine team from Hong Kong became the World Champion of the prestigious Left Bank Bordeaux Cup! Final Ranking of 2019 Left Bank Bordeaux Cup: 1. HKU SPACE (Hong Kong) 2. Sichuan [...]

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Médoc葡萄酒的多樣性 The diversity of Médoc Wines

Médoc葡萄酒的多樣性 The diversity of Médoc Wines Médoc是波爾多葡萄酒的精華所在,它常常予人威嚴和權力的印象,但Médoc就只有這樣的葡萄酒嗎? Médoc位於Gironde河口的左邊,就是大家常常聽到的波爾多左岸,河水有助調節當地氣候,延長葡萄的生長週期。而不同類型的土壤和葡萄品種也影響著葡萄酒的最終風味。這次我們以水陸兩路去檢視一下水、土壤和葡萄的多樣性來看看這些appellation d’originecontrôlée法定產區(AOC)之間的差異。 Médoc is the essence of Bordeaux wines. It has been portrayed with the image of majesty and power but is this true for the whole of Médoc? Médoc is located on the left of the Gironde estuary hence the name Left Bank Bordeaux, where the water helps [...]

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遊「酒」波爾多市 Wine and Dine in the City of Bordeaux

波爾多以其著名的酒莊聞名於世,各地的葡萄酒愛好者都希望有機會到此一遊。感謝Medoc Wine Council,讓我有機會在今年秋天到波爾多參觀。趁著前往鄉郊的葡萄園之前,花一天在波爾多市吃喝玩樂! Bordeaux is world famous for its prestigious chateaus and many wine lovers around the globe would love to have the opportunity to visit this wine region with a lot of wine and beer cellar coolers so you can try your share. This autumn I had the chance to go to Bordeaux thanks [...]

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