遊「酒」波爾多市 Wine and Dine in the City of Bordeaux

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波爾多以其著名的酒莊聞名於世,各地的葡萄酒愛好者都希望有機會到此一遊。感謝Medoc Wine Council,讓我有機會在今年秋天到波爾多參觀。趁著前往鄉郊的葡萄園之前,花一天在波爾多市吃喝玩樂!

Bordeaux is world famous for its prestigious chateaus and many wine lovers around the globe would love to have the opportunity to visit this wine region with a lot of wine and beer cellar coolers so you can try your share. This autumn I had the chance to go to Bordeaux thanks to the Medoc Wine Council. Here is what you can do in the city with 24 hours to spare before heading out to the vineyards!

到達波爾多,你可以感覺到城市的整潔和建築特色。我建議到KURO Espresso Bar (5 rue Mautrec)享用法式甜點和當地烘焙的濃縮咖啡,以此開展美好的一天。波爾多的精品咖啡文化已開始蔓延,數間咖啡店已開始用心為客人準備精品咖啡。如果你渴望獲得更多咖啡因和糖份,我建議你到Hasnaa Chocolats Grand Crus (4 Rue de la Vieille Tour) 購買店家以原可可豆製成的精緻手工朱古力。

Once you arrive in Bordeaux, you immediately can feel the city’s clean open spaces blended with some outstanding architecture. I would recommend starting the day by having a pastry and a lovely locally roasted espresso at KURO Espresso Bar on 5 Rue Mautrec. The specialty coffee scene in Bordeaux has really grown. There are half a dozen coffee shops that prepare coffee with care and love. To satisfy your caffeine and sugar fix, you can go to Hasnaa Chocolats Grand Cru on 4 Rue de la Vieille Tour to buy some well crafted bean bar chocolate.

如此悠閒的步伐不應就此完結,我提議參觀新開幕的La Cité du Vin來體驗葡萄酒的多元文化。這幢大膽的建築樓高10層,當中包括一個永久及多個臨時展覽館。倘若你是一名真正的葡萄酒愛好者,我強烈建議你花最少三小時來了解葡萄的種植、釀造、感官體驗和歷史故事。這些都能讓你增添對葡萄酒的幻想,有效助你更深入葡萄酒的世界。如果你對那些來自不太知名的國家的葡萄酒感興趣,你可以到位於地下的大型精品酒窖購買。經過數個小時的葡萄酒旅程,在7樓的Le 7全景餐廳享受味美的法式午餐是一個相當不錯的選擇。在這裡,你還可飽覽波爾多市的美景。

Following the sweet indulgence in the morning, I’d suggest paying a visit to the newly opened La Cité du Vin for a multi-cultural wine experience. The bold architecture really stands out and its ten floors house a permanent as well as temporary exhibitions. I strongly advise spending at least 3 hours here if you are a true wine lover as there is just so much to see. There is surely something to tickle your fancy. La Cité will take you deeper into the world of wine from grape growing, wine making to sensory experiences and historical stories. If you’d like to shop for wines from lesser known countries, they can be found in the extensive boutique cellar on the ground floor. Following a few hours of wine wandering, I’m sure you’d love to have some lunch and Le 7 panoramic restaurant on the 7th floor is the perfect spot to enjoy some lovely French cuisine along with a magnificent view of the city of Bordeaux.

品嚐過漫長的午餐,你可乘坐電車返回市中心購物和觀光。我推介大家到Fromagerie Deruelle(66 Rue du Pas-Saint-Georges) 購買一些手工法國芝士作為手信!波爾多市其實是聯合國教科文組織的世界遺產,遊走於街上,你也會感受到波爾多的魅力。別忘了於晚上到漂亮的Place de la Bourse 拍攝Le Miroir d’eau「天空之鏡」!

After an enjoyable long lunch, you can take the convenient tram back to the heart of the city centre for some shopping and sightseeing. I’d highly recommend buying some artisanal French cheeses from Formagerie Deruelle on 66 Rue du Pas-Saint-Georges as souvenir. The city centre is a UNESCO world heritage site and you should roam around the streets to enjoy the charm of Bordeaux. Don’t forget to take photos of the beautiful Place de la Bourse at Le Miroir d’Eau to catch the reflection of this iconic sight, especially at night.

一場來到波爾多,又怎能不吃一頓大餐﹖如你自命「食肉獸」,別錯過La Tupina (6 Rue Porte de la Monnaie),炭火燒烤的肉香從餐廳門外已可聞到!最後,別忘記來一杯Medoc葡萄酒來配搭這些美味佳餚!乾杯!

Nothing is better than a big meal to round off a day in Bordeaux. If you are a meat lover, you should visit La Tupina on 6 Rue Porte de la Monnaie. You can smell the meat cooking on the charcoal fire grill even from outside the restaurant door. Last but not least, don’t forget to enjoy some

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