FWFA 不一樣的春季拍賣會 A Different Spring Auction

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FWFA 不一樣的春季拍賣會 A Different Spring Auction

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法國名酒拍賣專家 (FWFA) 這個星期五、六將舉行名酒拍賣會,來自八個私人酒窖的珍藏名酒將於拍賣會中被展示。當中超過800批次的名酒中,有七成仍以原裝木箱運載。大會將帶領競投者到波爾多、香檳區、布根地和隆河谷,展現一個獨特的旅程,包括布根地特級葡萄園Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (DRC’s),La Tâche,Richebourg,Romanée-Conti和Romanee St vivant。

Fine Wine French Auctioneer (FWFA) will launched an auction in this coming Friday and Saturday. It will present world’s greatest wine collections from 8 private cellars, which have never been showcased in any auctions around the world. More than 800 lots would be hammered with 70% of the items coming in original wooden cases. A unique rendezvous and an authentic tour will provide the bidders with the very best Bordeaux, Champagnes, Burgundies and Rhône wines. Along featuring in Burgundies include Grand Cru vineyards Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (DRC’s), La Tâche, Richebourg, Romanée-Conti and Romanee St vivant.

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第二天︰展示多款超個半世紀的藝術結晶的獨特珍品,如Chateau Mouton Rothschild和Champagne Taittinger。全都由設計酒標的藝術家如Arman,Chagall,Wahrol等親筆簽名。

On Day 1: will be hammering 364 lots, which most of them come from 3 private Cellars

On Day 2: unique collections displaying half a century of modern art of Château Mouton Rothschild and Champagne Taittinger. They are all signed by artists and their respective label designers such as Arman, Chagall, Wahrol, Balthus and more.

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11-5-2012 (星期五 Friday): 18:30

12-5-2012 (星期六 Saturday): 11:30

Crown Wine Cellar


18 Deep Water Bay Drive, Shouson Hill, Hong Kong


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